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Amanda Normine

Managing Partner
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Amanda Normine cut her teeth in the housewares industry and worked for 7 years at a well-established contingency firm serving consumer goods which spanned the entire product space. She decided to take the leap to create Normine Lombard to facilitate her passion for lifestyle products and innovation.
Amanda has three children, all boys, and a husband that counts as her fourth child. She lives in the outskirts of Portland on a wildlife reserve. The location is ideal given her passion for nature and her kid’s love for bringing home anything muddy, and/ or wiggling and slimy.
Amanda is a very active member in her community and serves as the Vice Chair of SHEDCO, St Helens Economic Development Corporation, Board of Directors.


Jeff Lombard

Jeff is a native Southern Californian that started to fall in love with the Pacific Northwest during his years in Eugene; while getting a Sociology degree from the University of Oregon. A two year stretch in San Francisco followed but the pull of the Northwest was too strong. A move to Portland, felt right.
12 years later the city hasn’t lost its hold on him. Everything that the city has to offer culturally very much reflects his lifelong interests and passions. An admittedly ultra-urban dweller he still very much appreciates the sheer natural beauty of the city that makes Portland living so balanced.
By joining Amanda in forming this company, his drive to solidify a sustainable future in the place he loves while working with a business partner that shares the same values is a dream come true. One that he’s grateful for every day.

Cassandra Cyr

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Cassandra was born and raised in Northern San Diego County California. She moved to the Pacific North West with her family when she was a sophomore and fell in love with all it had to offer. When she is not here, she spends her time with her husband, 3 boys, and her daughter (finally) adventuring and exploring the great outdoors. She loves to go hiking, swimming, and geocaching in her free time.
Cassandra’s time in school has mostly focused on administrative and office studies which have helped hone in on her computer skills. She is naturally good at communicating and has been that way since she can remember. She can start up a conversation with anyone for any reason.
Cassandra lives in a small country town just outside of Portland. That location is ideal for her love of off-roading and exploring the great outdoors. She has passed this love onto her children. You can often find them doing trail and beach cleanups with their off-road group.

Tyra Broxton

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Tyra is a native to the great Northwest and the proud mother of 3 teenage boys.
When she is not cheering her boys on at a baseball or football game she is probably out hunting hidden waterfalls or finding her way to the big blue Pacific Ocean. She loves a good road trip and will never turn down a trip anywhere near the coast.
With over 15 years of experience in communication centered roles you can expect a good listener that is thoughtful in her responses.