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My Promise to Candidates

I Promise……

Jeff Portrait PrintEmpathy: I understand that change for the better can be hard. It presents challenges that need to be overcome. I’m a sounding board that’s present to listen to those challenges and advise as how to best approach them.

Transparency: I don’t want any surprises for the people that I work with. To make that happen I want make sure the candidate has a crystal clear view of the opportunity. I do this by making sure all their questions are answered without exception. If I don’t know an answer we will find it together.

Patience: I understand well that the candidates need to qualify the opportunity for themselves as much as they are being qualified for it. Patience may not be a familiar quality for a recruiter but I have it for the sake of our candidate’s level of confidence.  I ensure that they are getting the oxygen they need to make a good decision about their future.

Responsiveness: I want the people that work with me to know that their interest in an opportunity is being valued. I do this by being as available as possible every day no matter what twists and turns I may experience in my own schedule.