Small miracles in recruiting and more

Our Custom Recipe for Success

Amanda Portrait PrintThe act of getting a new job is one that brings on a lot of emotion. Sometimes those emotions are positive, sometimes they are quite the opposite and may even be unexpected – but in all cases that move is something that impacts many lives.

  • The impact is felt within the company that hires the person, and touches all the people in that new hire’s team. From an excited supervisor, who is eager to offload some of their duties, to the nervous co-worker who wonders if the new hire will be better than them – the new person makes waves across the board.
  • The impact is felt by the new hire, the person who is all of a sudden walking into a new adventure. This person may be leaving an environment where they were stifled and this is a chance to be happy. This person may be leaving the only job they have ever known, and are scared to death about this change.  This person may have just been looking for their next adventure and this was the right X on the map. In any case, this person has found themself in a new environment, surrounded by people they don’t know, doing a job that they aren’t familiar with.
  • Last but not least, the impact is felt by families and friends. It is felt by those that are the leaning posts to those who are making the change. The spouses who help support this scary and exciting change; the children who uproot and have to make new friends; the relatives that may have to say goodbye.

So many people are affected by a change in employment – wouldn’t that deem this one of the most important decisions of one’s life? We think so! And that is why we are so careful to ensure that we do all we can to match the right people with the right opportunity.

We don’t call them jobs – we don’t call them positions – we call them opportunities, because that is what they are. We listen to the nuances of what you need, why you need it, and how you will be impacted by having this need filled. We take the time to listen to what isn’t said, as well as to note what is. You aren’t hiring a resume – you are hiring a person and you will never find what you are seeking if you rely solely on your HR person’s description of the JOB to get that person interested.

This is where we come in. We have spent over a decade in product centric recruiting and have a keen ability to identify tangible skills for the roles we fill. That is what we consider to be the easy part. Beyond that we have taken the time to understand the industries we serve – to know what companies offer a certain environment and which ones offer strong financial perks. We know the good the bad and the ugly about our clients and their competitors and it is that knowledge that allows us to hand pick the right people for the right opportunities.

There are companies that subscribe to mailing lists and ones who are constantly out there trying to get people to submit resumes to them. We are neither. All of our work is custom and thus built to fit the individual needs that you and your company have. We use our brains to find the people who possess the right skills and our hearts to find the right cultural fit. From there we invest our time in getting to know our clients and the candidates that we go after on their behalf. It is the culmination of our intellect, heart and mindful conversations that allow us to be amazing at what we do.

With that, we would like to invite you to experience our impact for yourself. Don’t just take our word for it, give us a search and we will bring amazing to you!